45+ Entrepreneurship program

The following factors can be really overwhelming for the 45+ people: exclusion from the labour market, competing with young people for jobs, the slow but steady loss of the former network, the investment strategies’ uncertainties related to the savings, and the existential fear possibly linked to old age. Moreover, there are few people who can or dare to speak candidly about these problems: therefore many people feel alone and lost.

Yet the truth is that they are not alone at all: only in Hungary there are an estimate of 10 thousand people who has relevant work experience, knowledge, excellent CV and is over 45 years ‘over-aged’ middle and top managers facing these problems.

The fundamental objective of 45+ Entrepreneurship program is to provide practical assistance to professional people who face a new and difficult living situation after the age of 45. The program helps them to plan and prepare their career further stages, gives them the possibility of co-operating with a new community and also assists launching their entrepreneurial career.

First, the candidates of the program attend a free discussion with our advisor. Following the free discussion the program comprises three successive stages:

  • Personal Consultation and Group Days
  • Theme Days and Reality Check
  • Participation in the 45+ community

The goal in the first part of the personal consultation is that the participants can discuss their life situations and problems. In the second part of the personal consultation we prepare a really thorough inventory together: we systematically explore the existing and mobilized capabilities, talents to which the participants can rely and build a new phase in their professional life.
In the first stage of the Group Day the consultant assembles the group ensuring that the participants are nearly the same age, having similar life situations and have knowledge and experiences which complement each other perfectly. The aim of the Group Day is to collect the participants’ business ideas, run a quick feasibility test, select, and then at the end of the workshop execute a short description of the selected idea.

Those members of the 45+ community who are interested in a specific business idea can continue to develop the idea with the administrator at a pre-announced Theme Day: partly together, partly through the form of custom research, analysis and preparation.

The Theme Day(s) involving 4-8 persons result is a detailed description / 2pager which prepare the implementation of a specific business idea. The business ideas and investor presentations developed through the Theme Days can be presented to an external industry expert, mentor and business accelerator whom we call upon. Following the members’ participation we offer an online community where the ideas and expertise of the various participating groups can meet each other.

The goal of our service is to help our clients to develop and acquire entrepreneur thinking both as a group and individually. We also help them to find the focus of a business, how to launch a business and, if necessary, we support their operations.

Barbara Nagy
Founder / 45+ Entrepreneurship program
E-mail: barbara.nagy@45plusz.hu
Phone: (+36)20-967-7773
Address: Pozsonyi út 36. IV./1., 1137 Budapest, Hungary